How our vision can help you achieve your Business Goals

By Deb Purvis

In order to achieve their long-term goals, businesses require financial stability.  Sometimes businesses are so focused on achieving their long-term goals that they forget about the steps required to get to that point.

Robinson Sewell Partners Vision:  To retain our position as leading agricultural debt advisory specialists, providing our agribusiness clients with solutions to loan structure, pricing, security, risk management and transactional banking services that give our clients the capital security and flexibility they need to achieve their stated goals.

Goal: The Google Dictionary meaning of goal is “the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or a deserved result”

Our vision specifically focusses on your business goals and by providing you with finance solutions to help you to achieve financial stability we can work with you towards achieving those long-term business goals.


Revenue Goals: Create achievable goals for the amount of income you will achieve in a year.  Your goal may be to increase lambing percentages by 5% or build your contracting business income by 10%.

Benchmark:  It may not seem like a goal but benchmarking your business against similar businesses to yours can provide an opportunity for you to recognise areas for improvement in your business.

Cost Reductions: Determine where the biggest opportunity cost is within your expenses.  Then, if possible, reduce it slowly over time.  You will not always get instant results but decreasing costs should always be one of the financial goals your business has.  Every dollar saved is another that can put towards growing your business.

Improve Financial Margins:  Work to increase your business profits by focusing on your margins.  Are there parts of your business that are not performing as well as others?  Look at overhead expenses as well as operating expenses.

Work to Manage Debt:  Create a plan to keep debt under control then, work to find a way to reduce your existing debt in a stepped process over time.

Improve Control Cash Flow:  This can be a difficult area for many businesses, but cash flow planning provides an opportunity for your business to manage expenses, unexpected costs, reduction in income and debt better.

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