Deb Purvis

(D.Acc, GradCert.RurSci (AgriCons), D.ComServ (FinCouns), AD.AgribusMgmt) Director: Agribusiness & Commercial

(D.Acc, GradCert.RurSci (AgriCons), D.ComServ (FinCouns), AD.AgribusMgmt)

Director: Agribusiness & Commercial

Deb has over 25 years of experience in finance, with agribusiness representing the cornerstone and passion of her commitment, commencing with 10 years in the wholesale food industry.  She is the Finance Officer and current member of the Hart Field Site Board and provided business analysis support in the farming business that her husband managed for 20 years.

She spent over 10 years with Rural Business Support as a rural financial counsellor, spending time in Upper North, Mid North, Lower North, Yorke Peninsula, Adelaide Plains, Barossa, Adelaide Hills and Kangaroo Island.  Deb worked alongside generational farmers, accountants and advisors to procure funding solutions with Australia’s traditional banks.  Her commitment to her career has manifested into an intimate knowledge of farming systems (operational, managerial, financial), credit presentation and procurement and debt funding optionality.

Her industry experience extends from broadacre & livestock in the Mid North, Kangaroo Island and Yorke Peninsula, wine grapes and wineries in Clare & Barossa Valleys and the intensive industries of pig and dairy.

Deb is a graduate of the University of New England with qualifications in Agricultural Consulting, as well as Diploma in Accounting, Advanced Diploma in Agribusiness Management & Diploma of Financial Services.

Her motivation to become a specialist in agricultural, commercial and corporate credit advisory, came from her work as a rural financial counsellor where she saw first-hand the benefits for borrowers tendering their credit to improve funding economics and to reduce funding risk within the business.

Bank loyalty does not always translate into good funding outcomes.  The work involved in refinancing or applying for a new loan takes time and is often overwhelming.  Submissions can be missing vital information which can affect the risk assessment by the bank.  Deb will work with you and the banks step by step from inception to settlement to ensure a smooth process – every step of the way.



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