Michael Stout

B.AppSc (Ag) Farm Depreciation Specialist

B.AppSc (Ag)

Farm Depreciation Specialist

Michael worked for ADAS in the United Kingdom in the realms of environmental consultancy, rural development services and policy advice. After finishing with ADAS, Michael returned home to focus on his agribusiness career  as a experienced and qualified agronomist operating in regional NSW.

In recent years Michael has been focused on improving the bottom line for both farmers and commercial business owners. This experience has led Michael to establish himself as a successful farm infrastructure depreciation specialist to agricultural owners and investors, right across the East Australian sea board and is achieving significant tax savings for his clients.

Michael is a farm depreciation specialist, providing a dedicated service for clients who have acquired farms. Michael has successfully completed hundreds of reports that his clients use to significantly reduce their tax liability.  He works closely with the ATO to achieve the highest result possible.

Due to the volume of reports completed each year, Michael can use the data set to provide clients with an estimate of the anticipated depreciation prior to completing the inspection. This is reassuring for clients knowing that completing a farm depreciation report is financially beneficial for them.



Michael grew up on a family farm in the Riverina district of NSW and now lives in Wagga Wagga with his wife and his three children.


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