Agricultural Debt Funding Success Stories


RSP client, grain farmer in Mid North SA engaged RSP to review their business finance.  They were keen to review the suitability of current lending products for their business after a couple of years of drought and frost, but also felt that they were not getting best out of the relationship with their manager.

Their 2019-20 season was ok, they did not need to borrow further working capital, which was a great outcome for them as they had required extra capital in the two previous years.


After review of their position RSP were comfortable that there were benefits and savings to be had with a bank tender for their business.

They have refinanced with another bank and have been able to set up loans that they understand, suit their business and in the process saved $47,000 per year in interest.




A client had recently set up his own business in a commercial enterprise that had served him well as his chosen profession.  The client sought a $950,000 loan to purchase a commercial building to operate his own business with the ability to lease out excess space to a third party.  At the time COVID was applying its full wrath on the markets and industry.  RSP’s services were engaged to navigate through the rapidly changing landscape and to get the deal approved and settled.


RSP conducted a full credit analysis to garner a solid understanding of the credit profile and to align the opportunity to the right bank that would support the transaction.  Not only was the transaction unconditionally approved, the pricing was very attractive with RSP achieving an all up variable rate of 2.49% for the clientThe commercial property was the only primary security being provided to the bank.

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