RSP Successful Settlements


Amount: $1,500,000

LVR: 70%

An RSP client are vignerons based in McLaren Vale who were looking to purchase a property to expand their winery.  They had already engaged a broker to assist them with finance but were unsuccessful in securing finance.  They were referred to RSP, as specialist agribusiness/commercial brokers to assist.



Serviceability was strong but security was tight.  To get this approved we needed to tell the business story.  We prepared a detailed discussion paper with both historical and projected financial and strategic business information.  Lenders that had declined to look at this proposition previously could now see a positive future for this business and approval for the finance was achieved.




Amount: $6,000,000

LVR: 39%

An RSP client with nil debt sought $6 million for a rural property purchase in NSW.  Their management team sought good corporate governance to represent their business and to run the finance tender professionally in the finance market.



While the banks that participated in the tender came up with extremely competitive but similar interest rates, there was a big discrepancy in the loan set up costs (they ranged from $10,000 to $30,000).  Many costs are disguised within terminology and product structures and are something that many borrowers overlook when seeking finance. RSP are aware of and active around negotiating setup costs, thus saving the client even more money through our tender process.

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