Funding Success Stories: August 2020


Loan:                                                $2,010,000

Enterprise:                                      Agribusiness: Cereal Cropper

Type:                                                Tier 1 banking, refinance

Location:                                         Mid North SA

Savings:                                           $47,000 per annum


Client’s Position

Grain farmer in Mid North SA engaged RSP to review their business finance.  Of course, interest rates were their focus, but they were also keen to review the suitability of current lending products for their business after a couple of years of drought and frost.

Their 2019-20 season was ok, they did not need to borrow further working capital, which was a great outcome for them as they had required extra capital in the two previous years.


RSP’s Solution

After review of their position RSP were comfortable that there were savings and benefits to be had with a bank tender for their business.  They recently settled with a new lender on an interest rate that saves them $47,000 per year.




Loan: (Limit)                                  $4,700,000 + $2,000,000

Enterprise:                                      Dryland Mixed Farming

Type:                                                Tier 1 Australian Bank

Location:                                         Regional NSW

Bankability:                                    Satisfactory


Client’s Position

The mixed farming client was seeking immediate funding for 100% of a rural property acquisition located within proximity to their existing farming operation.  Farm sales have been running strong recently with many localised and neighbouring suitors would potentially bid aggressively for the opportunity.  Speed to market was critical.  In addition, the credit complexity was compounded by the fact that a title sub-division in titles was required to be completed prior to any settlement to take place.


RSP’s  Solution

RSP repackaged the prospective funding proposal to meet the credit underwriting standards required by Australia’s banks.  With a comprehensive presentation pack, the banks were able to respond with decisive precision in their response and support.  The client was able to exchange unconditionally in a timely fashion that provided security and comfort to the vendor in its execution and prevented competitive behaviour potentially pushing the acquisition price higher.

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