FUNDING SUCCESS: $3.7m Mixed Farming

By Ian Robinson

An established farming family felt that their requests for a restructure were not being entirely met on both pricing and terms.  Although they did not have anything to benchmark their personal interpretations, their intuition was enough to explore their current position in a more formalised manner.  There were four main areas of concern they wished to address.  The security structure, the financial commitment structure, the amount of funding sought and the pricing.

Robinson Sewell Partners conducted a comprehensive review of their business from a credit enhancement perspective.  An invested approach in the preparation prior to the bank presentation was imperative to strengthen the credit profiling of their offering.

The tender demonstrated that the winning financier was in fact another bank that was better positioned to provide what the client was seeking.


LVR – 55%

Equity – 61%

Amount – $3,700,000

Financier – Bank

Loan Type – Interest Only

Saving p.a – $25,000

Security Structure – Amended


My husband and I run a mixed farming enterprise in South Western NSW. We recently decided to explore the possibility of changing banks as we felt that they were becoming less supportive of our business and onerous compliance stipulations had made life very stressful.

This turned out to be a complicated matter and could have been a much more stressful time, had we not engaged Ian Robinson to assist us with this massive undertaking. Once he was on board, he took over all dealings with the banks and his calm approach, expertise and experience of the banking world – guided us to a successful conclusion. Our new bankers actually commented that Ian’s presentation of our business was the best they had even seen.

Only time will tell if we have made the right decision in changing banks, but we definitely made the right choice in engaging Ian Robinson.”

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