Agricultural Funding Success Story 3 – March 2022

Client Position

Client is a busy career professional with a material farming interest.  Client sought to expand his agricultural investment interests via way of joint venture and sought a professional to manage the process and funding project.

 RSP Outcome

RSP project managed the funding from inception to a successful settlement and completion.  Client refinanced to capture a more accommodating funding platform to boost overall returns on his investment.  Savings was in excess of $50,000 p.a. compared to the previous debt funding costs with their old lender.


Purpose:                                            Farm Finance Review / Property Purchase

LVR:                                                    30%

Equity:                                                > 85%

Loan Amount:                                  $3.5m

Risk Rating:                                      Strong

Interest Rate:                                   1.65%

Lender:                                              Refinance – Mainstream bank

Savings:                                             $52,000 p.a.

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