Enterprising Entrepreneurs: Wakefield Ashurst Developments (“WAD”)

By Ian Robinson

A key distinguishing feature of successful entrepreneurs in private enterprise is their ability to see risk adjusted returns where banks see an outright unacceptable risk.

Two key attributes lead to this confluence of dividing thoughts and commerce.

The first is experience and execution of capability of the entrepreneur.  The second is the pedigree of the banking system to accurately measure the first point.


Wakefield Ashurst Developments has been a successful family residential property developer for the last 40 years.  They have witnessed and experienced firsthand the deregulation of the banking system, the ’87 stock market crash, the 90’s recession we had to have, interest rates spiking to lofty heights numerous property cycles that still echo through the industry.  Every market dislocating event created opportunity for WAD and the business has gone from strength to strength.

Their preferred footprint is western Sydney and regional NSW being the heartland of the Australian family.  More importantly they intimately know their product, their client and their business.  Pricing, timing and execution is an artform perfected by WAD.  Many major regional towns have benefited and boomed on their investment and activity.


Wakefield Ashurst consultants reviewing the development of The Grange, Forster NSW.

Wakefield Ashurst consultants reviewing the development of The Grange, Forster NSW.


Robinson Sewell Partners have just recently funded the development of stage II of their 60-lot subdivision in Forster NSW known as “The Grange”.  Forster, by geological definition, is an island that is only linked to the mainland by a sandbar and a bridge, but its real appeal is its year-round climatic uniformity and the purity of national parks and turquoise waterways that surround it.  Real “Blue Zone” living.


The Grange development is a tightly held and land scarce site only 900m from the patrolled One Mile beach with majestic vistas of Cape Hawke and surrounds.

Where banks are unilaterally reserved on funding the property development industry and more so in regional areas, Wakefield Ashurst Developments recognises the demand supply equation is askew and is ready to supply prime residential blocks to the ever-increasing sea changers coming into the region so they can begin living their dream.

Wakefield Ashurst Developments was bank loyal without fault.  The fallout of the Royal Commission took banks on a path that could not find unilateral support for regional developers.  The capital gap has since been filled efficiently with high performing specialist non-bank lenders.  The game changer for WAD are the commercial terms on which non-bank lenders provide financial support.  They are much more engaged as early investors in the projects which enable these projects to move forward earlier and realise the NPV on the P&L.  More projects and increased profits are a direct result of early lending engagements and they can’t see their new loyalty program changing any time soon.

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