God of Janus

By Ian Robinson

Where is Janus, god of beginnings, now when we need him most.

Organic life thrives on a linear trajectory.  When the bridge between expectation and reality merge within acceptable parameters of probability; progression, innovation, and evolution take place.  If our evolutionary process hits a punctuated equilibrium event, the analysis of drawing a correlation between historical events and imminent predictability of future events is fractured. The future ultimately then becomes very uncertain and our primal survival instincts go into a primordial flat spin.

Historically our operating blueprints weighed on life’s reliable cornerstones that were carved from generations of scholars bringing chaos to order.  Our current COVID anthropogenic disturbance is forcibly rewriting these blueprints without a proven roadmap.  Like the Roman times the world once again seeks the warming reassurance from Janus who is bestowed with his peripheral awareness and unilateral wisdom.  So, who is Janus?

To the pre-biblical Romans, Janus was deemed the first god.  The god of borders, doors, perimeters, beginning and end. Saturn had granted him the powers to look both forward and backward simultaneously and was depicted with a face on the both the front and back of his head.   He was granted the god of war and peace, and all agricultural enlightenments. His representation was one of all that changes and he became the very symbol of our existence.

What we could do with those powers now……

Life maintains a library littered with journals of events dating back to the old testimony that produced stratified changes in the way we live.  Adjunct to these events are our ability to adjust and adopt to a new normal.  Transcribed within our DNA we are habitual creatures.  If our activities on any given day result in a positive form of survival, we are hard wired to repeat these activities the next day in order to seek out the same reward system nature has provided us (most of the time).

During a punctuated equilibrium event, adjustment is painful but with a decree of sophistication in rational thought, we can transition to a new repetitive behaviour that once again returns a positive survival outcome.

To transition is to survive and then thrive.  This is how we need to contextualise our belief system.  Our belief system then becomes our code for positive activity.  In business and in life.

Janus may have had the power of hindsight and foresight, but for us mere mortals, our ingenuity will see us through every time.  There is a bright future and we are heading straight for it….and we don’t need Janus to guide us.

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