Three Big Predictions for 2018

There is no benefit in rehashing 2017.  It was all too raw and real for all of us, in only ways that has meaning to you personally.

But what about 2018?  What market intelligence lurks beneath our professional veil that may rain good fortune on us all?

With some sanction to entertain, there are three absolutions we would like to share.

Firstly, that next year is going to be better than this year.  How?  Because the liberty of self-improvement is an innate human quality that continually gives.  Information is widely available, networking is limitless, and execution of positive action is only bound by fear and spurred by the universal motivation to succeed.  Education eliminates fear and the thirst for knowledge is evidential.

Secondly, that agriculture as an investment class will continue to surprise the agricultural commentators as new participants backed by smart capital emerge into the market.  This means more competition for limited resources; and their applied business techniques are going to push the realms of traditionalism.  Agriculture is no longer a game of harvesting, fattening and shearing; it is a proclivity of enterprise integration, expansion, succession and consumer driven value chain economics.

Thirdly, strong farming and business alliances will continue to foreshadow the moat and castle approach to farming.  The days of DIY farming in managerial isolation are being superseded by the collaboration of industry and professional intelligence.  The extension of management by strategic engagement of advisory professionals provides a farming business the hybrid vigour it needs to navigate the increasingly scientific world we now operate in.

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