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It has been asked many times…Who is Robinson Sewell Partners and What do we do?  Ian has bravely provided some rare and raw video footage to answer these questions.  Viewed from his aviators, his touch points include:

  1.  The pedigree of experience for Brad and Ian
  2. Robinson Sewell Partner’s position in the market as a professional agribusiness and commercial credit advisor
  3. The motivations as to why clients seek to engage Robinson Sewell Partners
  4. The ability of Robinson Sewell Partners to fill the “knowledge gap” between client and bank
  5. The importance of RSP’s processes and protocols to achieve optimal funding outcomes for their clients
  6. The characteristics of funding outcomes sought by their clients
  7. How RSP builds relationships and engagement with the financiers given they are client focused
  8. How RSP’s results are measurable and tangible

Warning: It is not a Matt Damon Thriller and it approaches 10 minutes but it is extremely informative and insightful.  There is also a prize if you can guess where he is driving!


Ian Robinson explains the nitty gritty of Robinson Sewell Partners process upon engagement

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