Passion for Agriculture

To console a farmer weeping from the oppressive thought of dying livestock and dried up dams while the wife reassuringly hugs him has created a formative realisation that agribusiness credit advisors are dealing with emotional human beings as a primary initiative, and driving a financial outcome for them is secondary.  

(1994 drought on the Hay Plains, West Burrabogie)

RSP recognises that our business model is unique in providing a boutique offering in rural lending credit advisory services in regional and rural Australia. We have embraced this service quality responsibility with regards to our industry by providing educational tools and financial literacy to assist all participants with their everyday management and decision making process. RSP materially invests in researching and delivering original economic and financial reports, insights and trends via fortnightly newsletters, video media and keynote presentation at corporate conferences and seminars.

The mums and dads of this nation

Our business values are derived from our strong empathy towards agribusiness and commercial owners and operators.  Small to medium enterprise constitutes around 70% of Australia’s employment which drives the welfare and livelihood of the mums and dads in our nation, an environment from which both Brad and I were nurtured on and relied upon from our parents.

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99% of all farms in Australia are family farms, most of them being intergenerational.  The farm becomes the owner’s genetic blueprint of identity.  For that they are able to endure the adversities with more fight and vigour than most as tribute to their legacy and livelihood. They also operate in geographic isolation and endure extreme financial duress during times of drought, fire, floods, disease and commodity price dislocation.  Ian Robinson experienced first-hand growing up on a sheep station 800km west of Sydney, the tribulations that farm life can herald, and memories of bulldozing burnt sheep into pits and carting fodder on a daily basis before the afternoon dust storms rolled in is still very real (Refer to photo gallery.  Note some photos may be graphic in nature).


The mental burden of isolation

Mental health in the bush is an unspoken issue.  The continual duress that farmers can operate under can eventually unravel their resolve.  A stoic culture forbids the recognition and release of this pain and we personally know of a dozen families that have fallen victim to suicide.  Brad Sewell was a rural councillor and has been on the front line for many years dealing with these hidden demons that prevail in the bush.

Wet years bringing the country back to life: Hay Plains, West Burrabogie)

Hence our business philosophies and values have been drawn from deep rooted experiences in addition to our strong desire to make a real difference to our industry as part of our legacy.

Bringing support into the Bush

Agribusiness (and commercial businesses alike) operating in remote and rural regions of Australia have very little access to professional financial services of the nature that RSP provides.  When dealing with the financiers, their inexperience and / or inability to recognise the trappings of financial contractual agreements can result in the final undoing of their viability.  In addition, SME operators have very little leverage in their negotiations given their general lack of understanding of credit markets and the profit drivers that financiers rely upon.

In line with our philosophy and values, RSP provides clients with the counter balance they need to procure the best financial solutions for their business.  The counterbalance being the balance sheet of alternative financial institutions and by creating an environment that entertains healthy competitive tension.

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