Which side of BANG does your business sit on?

As described by Patrick Van Horne in a recent interview, LEFT of BANG was a military term to describe a certain course of action to take to minimise the impact of an adverse but predictable outcome. BANG is an event that you don’t want to happen and environmental awareness programs allows physical assessment of pending risks to ensure activity continually operates LEFT of BANG. Right of Bang is purely reactionary activity to an adverse event; but usually collateral damage has been already been absorbed and the resulting position is far from satisfactory.

In business this could be a financial grenade going off (liquidity squeeze event, commodity price shock, drought, human capital catastrophe…etc).  Being LEFT of BANG is operating on the timeline prior to BANG by noticing the preventative indicators that can assist in avoiding the BANG movement.  This is where we need to operate.

Who has been there?  We all have.  Will BANG happen again in your business?  Most likely.  So I am willing to open up the floor.

Robinson Sewell Partners specialises in agribusiness and commercial lending.  In our world it is LEFT of BANK.  This is where we take our clients.  I want to hear your thoughts on what challenges, issues, frustrations, risks or uncertainties you may have or have had in business with regards to your finances.  Think about these questions.

Do you believe your financial structure within your business is operating LEFT of BANK?

Do you have pending maturities in your loan facilities that could create funding risk at the time of maturity?

Do you honestly know where your credit profile sits with the bank?

Do you know where the bank’s lending thresholds sit with regards to their policy?

Do you know what a technical breach of your funding contract with the bank means?

Do you correlate slow responsive turnaround times as a possible risk to your business?

Do you think not knowing these parameters is operating LEFT of BANK?

Do you think reviewing your funding platform is a good LEFT of BANK philosophy?


My invitation is for you to email us (Ian Robinson and Brad Sewell) any thoughts or ideas regarding the above.  We will respond and assist with all enquiries and I encourage you all to reach out to us and touch base.  I look forward to opening up some really

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