Interview with Patrick Hutchinson: A livestock Value Chain Expert

Robinson Sewell Partners caught up with Patrick Hutchinson recently and was privileged to interview him on some highly topical discussion points around the livestock industry.

Patrick Hutchinson is a well credentialed agribusiness expert with extensive technical knowledge of the livestock sector and its value chain. He also has deep understanding of industry and commerce from an economic, operational and managerial perspective.

Patrick has an earned industry reputation as trusted advisor, underpinned by finessed ability to manage politically sensitive and high profile issues while maintaining long term sustainable and mutually beneficial relationships.  He has renowned commercial insight and a communication style and demeanour to engage “from the farm to the boardroom”.

Australian Meat Industry Council (AMIC) has recently announced Patrick as its new General Manager of the Processing Group (congratulation Patrick).  Through Blue Sky Agribusiness (BSA) Patrick provides high level advisory service, operational assessment and change management, project management, training and implementation, with a large amount of domestic and international experience.


Patrick, please provide some background on yourself and detail which agribusiness enterprises are you most specifically aligned with?

I have spent close to twenty years working in the agricultural industry in Australia, mainly in the Livestock industry.  

I have a comprehensive understanding of the red meat supply chain and an ability to ‘make things happen’ in the industry.  

I am passionate about Australian agribusiness, with deep connections across the industry.

I work with the people and the organisations that shape the industry and I understand the issues and priorities of different industry organisations.

I am experienced right across the industry which means that I can empathise with, and relate to, producers, agents, feedlotters, processors, live exporters and retailers alike.

My expertise incorporates how to assess and extract maximum value from the value chain to establish a management system to guarantee financial sustainability by undertaking analysis of market related needs, meat safety, quality control process, animal welfare, business systems and solutions, resourcing, and future supply and demand industry projections.

What are the biggest issues that your clients tend to endure that you find solutions for?

The key issues for our clients continue to be how to extract the maximum value from the supply chain.

This is not purely about increasing income, moreover it is about areas such as risk mitigation, understanding how to “back up” claims made on process and standards, how to manage supply chain relationships, how to meet and exceed legislations and regulations and how best to work with staff, and clients, to ensure all share in success. 

Where do you see the biggest opportunity in Australia’s [livestock] value chain?

The biggest opportunity on the horizon in the Australian livestock industry is utilising the new requirements of the customer to underpin innovation and dedication.

This is by way of branding of products produced by a specific supply chain, being paid on this and improving internal systems to accommodate and grow with our customers, rather than be reactive to them.

This includes utilisation of AgTech opportunities, the ability for producers to supply multiple supply chains, branding based on niche outcomes and continual improvement in collaboration with all stakeholders in a supply chain.

In turn this allows the opportunity of investment other than through traditional means as investors are investing in ideals as well as financial outcomes and investors can link with brands rather than commodities.

What is the necessary strategy required for operators to capture this value?

A willingness to review how they currently manage their businesses and look at how to extract value across multiple supply chains by innovating at the source. 

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