How to stay informed of the issues and concerns in regional and rural Australia


Welcome to Robinson Sewell Partner’s fortnightly release of Business Insights.   Ian Joseph has a rolodex of first-hand experience with government enquiries and commissions.  Please take the time to view RSP’s interview with Ian Joseph on how to stay informed of the issues and concerns in regional and rural Australia.

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Please view our video blog by clicking on  the link below and listen to Ian Jospeh’s discussion on government involvement in Australian agribusiness issues.

RSP interviews Ian Jospeh on how government keeps abreast of Australian agribusiness issues

Negative Government Publicity

Running corporate Australia with conflicting cross currents of economic, social and environmental issues is challenging at best.  To satisfy the welfare of a nation means creating policy around issues that may or may not favour the few.  Negative outcry is a natural derivative of this ongoing and evolving process.


How does the government inform itself to create policy?

According to Ian Joseph, the government continually mandates Royal Commissions, reviews government departments and executes committee processes within the Senate and House of Reps to seek informed guidance and intellectual property around all the critical issues that need to be addressed.


A firsthand account with Ian Joseph

The interview with Ian Joseph provides details and insights inherent within personal involvement in the following enquiries;

  •  3 enquiries into Agricultural Education with recommendations
  •  The Agricultural Competitiveness White Paper
  •  Family business in Australia
  •  Review into the Reserve Bank to reliquefy the agricultural industry


The Financial System

The government has completed for major enquiries into Australia’s financial system in recent history;

1)      The Martin Review

2)      Canberra Report

3)      The Wallace Report

4)      David Murray Review

Ian Joseph also notes in his interview that the recent enquiry into the financial professional standards is a very topical with submissions being sourced from all forms of industry.

Please sit back and enjoy Ian Joseph extrapolating first-hand knowledge in a critical process that is foreign to most of us mere mortals.

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