Give your children an insurance policy for their 18th birthday

Strategic Planning for future generations.

Strategic planning in protecting wealth is never a topic that rises through social discussion as a point of interest.  But what if we could state that a certain strategy could save $764,000 over a lifetime, per child?  What if you had three children?  That would equate to (circa) $2,300,000.

Can you afford to get this wrong?  Have you been given the right advice or better still, have you ever sought advice on this matter?

Robinson Sewell Partners was fortunate to discuss this very topic with Matt Meehan from Agbis Financial who took us through these scenarios and a case study that applied to this very situation.

Watch the VIMEO

Please enjoy the video interview to garner a greater insight into this strategic reasoning with a very achievable outcome for all families to consider.

RSP discusses prioritising your family finances to create a healthy nest egg for your future generation

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