Fields of Gold

Sam Richardson recently published a feature article in MPA magazine “Fields of Gold” which goes into great detail about the true size of Australia’s agricultural market by which the bulk of it consists of truly committed family farming and corporate operations.

The capital intensity and complexity within the industry has now created an economic force so strong that the more sophisticated and astute operators are investing in outsourced professional service providers to perform the niche critical and complicated tasks.  Being sophisticated or astute does not necessarily mean they are the largest operators, but more so representing an upsurge in their philosophy of running a business with millions of dollars of assets under management which are effectively at risk.

A realization from primary producers that funding costs not only represents one of the highest costs within the business, but debt funding also represents liquidity risk within the business if it is not managed strategically.  A ground swell in awareness that primary producers do not hold deep intellectual property on the technical mechanics of agribusiness credit and bank policy has created a surge in this demand.

Please read the article which predominately features Robinson Sewell Partners which provides an awakening of the real value independent credit advisors have on the efficient operation for primary producers.  Enjoy this published article….

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