Client Case study : Essential Coffee Group

James McWilliam is from a long lineage of farming origins.  A background that embellishes hard work, risk and a strong appetite for life.  An ex-investment banker, stock broker and active in the universe of private enterprise, he recently syndicated with a savvy group of deal makers to acquire the Essential Coffee Group and ride the coffee consumption phenomena.

His pursuit into this opportunistic investment created a kaleidoscope of commercial and consumer funding demands that had to be achieved in a relatively very short time frame.  His existing banker, who was comfortable with the current arrangements, was non-committal with the sudden request for expansion capital into a complex arena of wholesale coffee roasting and equipment sales.  The settlement was thus put at risk.

James contacted Robinson Sewell Partners to perform the task at hand knowing that they had the pedigree, experience and banking networks to spearhead the project on his behalf and achieve the desired funding outcome.

Please be entertained by James’s synopsis of the events and outcome in his brief interview with Robinson Sewell Partners.

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