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Client Position:  Bank Closing In

The clients were asked to move on (i.e. refinance) by their existing bank on the basis the bank didn’t believe the client was viable. This was despite the client having met all past and present loan commitments; having credit funds in an undrawn overdraft facility; and having sound existing and projected income.

The clients were emotionally stressed due to the pressure this situation put on them by the existing bank, so they engaged Robinson Sewell Partners to find an alternative lender and solution to this situation.



Robinson Sewell Partners completed a full credit assessment of the client and presented a professional finance document to a panel of banks.  RSP conducted the tender and identified two banks keen to take on the clients finance and banking business. The clients also achieved lower interest rates and better loan terms.  The clients are emotionally relieved and are now focusing their attention on the present and future opportunities without the worry of finances.


Client Position:  Extracting Value

Clients were in a strong financial position, which was not being recognised by their existing bank in terms of interest rates applied to the debt facilities.  The clients were frustrated by the lack of progress they were making via their own negotiations, so they engaged Robinson Sewell Partners to extract value out of the market.



Once again, Robinson Sewell Partners conducted a full credit assessment of the client and progressed the opportunity through the tender process.  The results of the tender were that the clients changed banks given they were able to save over $25,000 p.a. in interest costs, as well as working with a new bank manager that better appreciated the clients business and long term goals.


Interview with Ian Joseph: Industry Representation

Robinson Sewell Partners also attended and spoke at the NSW Farmers Association annual conference recently and reflected on the organisational ability of farmers across the state uniting to promote policy and lift standards for all of the industry’s benefit.  Ian Robinson interviewed Ian Joseph on this very topic: Industry Representation.  With over 4,000 industry bodies, how is this achieved in today’s political climate and what could be done better in this regard?

Industry Representation in making Agribusiness policy

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