Client Showcase: Fresh Technique

Danny Monteleone and Grace Ruberto sought financial reclamation by breaking away from a stagnated industry of viticulture and reinvent their business model in a direction that captured the latest market trends and innovation.  To be in the forefront of the production revolution, they sought consignment in controlling their production systems, their marketing and value chain processes and flexibility their enterprise capability to ride the variability of consumer demand.


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Fresh Technique was born to create leafy green products and is going to be utilising state of the art protected cropping infrastructure (retractable roof greenhouse) and technology (nutrient film technique NFT, moving gully system MGS) to deliver year round consistent quality of product.

Take FOUR minutes to listen to their story.  Like all innovators, they faced what seemed to be insurmountable challenges being a greenfield regional infrastructure project.  The biggest challenge, like most new projects, was financing the venture.  Research, business plans, systems, infrastructure, family support were critical pieces that were critically aligned, but initially the banking fraternity could not see through.


Success is benevolent to those with resilience.

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