Broker of the Year 2017

Last week the RSP team (Ian Robinson) were very excited to win Best Commercial Brokerand the coveted Broker of the Yea2017 at The Advisor Better Business Awards held in Sydney.  We’ve had a cracker of a few years winning 16 major state and national awards in 2015/2016 and we think there’s still more to come!

What does winning these awards mean to us and why did we win them?  In reflection, we would like to share with you what coal fires burn within.  Please join us on our journey….



Robinson Sewell Partners is a specialised credit advisory firm that provides rural and regional businesses (agribusiness and commercial) with strategic financial insights and firepower on all matters relating to banking.  Funding solutions for expansion, investment, working capital, plant & equipment, negotiating improved funding terms, reducing funding risk, refinancing, recapitalising and succession capital.

Our Legacy

To leave the industry in a much (financially) stronger position than when we entered it.  By making deep financial and banking insights available to the agricultural and commercial communities, management can make acute strategic decisions that will both reduce funding risk and create wealth within their respective businesses.  Bridging the knowledge gap will create a united force between borrowers and financiers allowing real business partnerships to develop.

Our Mission

To empower agribusiness and commercial borrowers in rural and regional Australia through knowledge, engagement and execution of strategy.

(MFAA Chairman Cynthia Grisbrook, Minister for Small Business

Hon Michael McCormack, Ian Robinson)

Our Vision

To become Australia’s leading fully integrated collaborative network of finance professionals adding real tangible and measurable value to Australia’s regional and rural agribusiness and commercial borrowers.

Our Educational Commitment

At a conference I attended last week, Michelle Bridges noted, “Make a choice before the choice is made for you or the choice is taken away from you…”  The ability to make good choices is founded on education.

Our continual commitment to share our intellectual property and knowledge of banking via webinars, keynote speaking, newsletter to our subscribers and via digital platforms, forms the foundation of our business.

Our clients receive intimate, technical knowledge of banking which drives performance outcomes that empowers and improves their businesses.

As founding principles, we invest heavily in continual education for ourselves, with banking, economics and behavioural sciences: Information that we are willing to share with our communities.

(Brad Sewell presenting at the NSW Farmers conference)

Our Collaborative Spirit

There is undeniable strength in unity.  Our collaborative spirit ensures we unite on a micro level to empower our clients.

An invitation to the client’s key advisors to contribute their philosophy of thought enables certification of economic and structural cohesion.  With a client centric model in a hub / spoke wheel configuration, it is the client that unites us all and it is the client that we all support.

We become a permanent extension to the client’s management team and become an integral part of their professional family.

Our Journey

The journey has not been easy.  Any business owner can attest to that.  We deal with natural economic and seasonal headwinds, suffer from the tyranny of distance (NSW is 800,000 km2 alone), construction and adaption of innovative process, compliance, regulation, corporate engagement etc.

We could write a thesis on building a business, with every chapter being another headline of what NOT to do.  Now it is all about client engagement, client delivery, client outcome and the client experience.

 (David Bonnington with Brad Sewell on farm)

Our Results

The above is meaningless without the rural and regional communities’ trust being underpinned by our reputation and integrity.

Every engagement is carefully measured to allow a very high probability of success with a very healthy return on investment for the client.  Our high contact, intimate and technical expertise naturally underpins our performance, capability and reputation.

We are fast approaching $500,000,000 in settlements to date and have saved our clients in total $$ millions per annum which is flowing back into their business every day of every year.

More importantly, our client engagement is enduring to ensure decisions are made for the long game with intergenerational succession in mind.

In Summary

Thank you everyone for being supportive and being a part of our journey.  We are only just warming up for the long haul and we are looking forward to being a part of yours as well.

Please call us anytime, we are keen to hear from you.


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