Barossa Grape & Wine Association Event: A Glass Half Full

Deb Purvis was fortunate to be able to present “You don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate” at the Barossa Grape & Wine Association “Young People in Viticulture” dinner last Thursday night.

(Deb Purvis and Nicki Robins, Viticultural Development Office BGWA)

A voice from authority, Deb clearly articulated the opportunity for business owners to reposition their banking performance with decisive strategies that deliver some very desirable financial outcomes.

Deb’s key take home messages for her captivated audience were;

  1. Loyalty to a bank does NOT deliver economic and service quality dividends, your professional aptitude does instead.
  2. Create a business thesis that extrapolates critical credit performance metrics to underpin your negotiations with your bank.
  3. Capture market intelligence as to your business’ bankability.

Beyond the formalities it was a fabulous night with some fantastic young vignerons.

Paul Rohrlach’s grapes are used in the featured Monepulciano wine made by Rob Gibson from Barossavale Wines.

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