Annual Cotton Conference 2016 – Gold Coast


If the Gold Coast shadows could talk, then the ghosts of the 2016 Cotton Conference would retreat into cavernous alleys and recessed drains as elementary education seem to transcend into tribal like entertainment with each 24 hour passing.

But none the less, thousands gathered over the three days with great minds and big balance sheets collaborating the latest innovations and investment philosophies.  The scale of the support and service industries provided an extension of just how big the cotton industry universe is with many binary relationships evident within the vertically integrated ecosystem.  How great it was to traverse so many like-minded professionals across multiple gateways into numerous irrigation valleys, and to be given such direct guidance from cotton growers as to what they seek in financial partnerships.

It would take a thesis to break down the chapters of real value in attending this event, but the video provides a sneak preview into this new reality.

The power of technological breakthroughs in breaching the traditional operating platforms to jawbone gross margin production during an era of margin squeeze is very evident.

If you want to reach Steve (and Kim) Harding to discuss how to build scalable irrigations systems off the grid, then call Steve on 1300 727 422 or

Also, a big congratulation to the Cotton Grower of the Year: Ian, Marilyn and Harry Carter of “Connamara”, Agrisk High Achiever of the Year: Tim and Roger Commins of “Tiralee” and Young Achiever of the Year: Rebecca Fing from Goondiwindi.

If you didn’t make it this year, then book in for the 2018 grand cotton tour of the Gold Coast.


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