The World Around Us.

What a start to 2015.  Some much welcomed rain but still needed in QLD and northern NSW, bush fires blazing in SA and sharks on Bondi Beach to keep the tourists amused.  On a macro scale, we have risk off scenarios materialising as oil, gas, iron ore, coal…aggressively sell off on fears of European deflation, Greece’s prospective departure from the Euro, Russia’s troubled Ruble and China’s painful transition into a consumer economy.  Risk Off strategies has transcribed into continued bullish support for Australia’s AAA rated government bonds pushing yields to all-time lows.  Australia’s 10 year bonds are fast approaching 3.00% with US Treasury 10 year bonds now trading below 2.00%.


But within the vortexes of volatility and undercurrents of uncertainty is opportunity.  On the back of this Robinson Sewell Partners has a great year lined up for you all.  Look out for Richard Wrights series of editorials relating to “optionality”.  A paradigm shift in analysing risk within your business, and non-linear pathways in creating wealth and risk management strategies.


Also look out for more embracing video interviews with Ian Joseph and Matt Meehan covering issues pertaining to the agricultural industry with regards to sustainability, the family farm, leverage and strategies to mitigate challenges within the family farm unit.

Joint Ventures

Stay tuned as we will be releasing some exciting news on new joint venture partnerships and other pro-active initiatives being resourced and actioned in order to support Agricultural producers, businesses and partners.

Mini Series

We are also very excited to announce that we will be releasing a mini-series pertaining to financial literacy and educational vocational aspects in demystifying business banking and providing classical insights in business presentation and bank negotiations.


Robinson Sewell Partners is also inviting open communication and dialogue via various new medians to increase accessibility, boost enquiry and enhance the educational piece around agribusiness loans, pricing, strategies and options.

Case Studies

Not to mention we will continue to provide you with real case study scenarios on how clients have embraced and executed strategic restructuring to save tens of thousands of dollars p.a. within their business: money that can be reinvested back into the business and boost lifestyle.

We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you in achieving your financial goals.

If there is need to make contact with us as a priority for you business, please do not hesitate and the following link will provide you with our contact details.


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