100 000 000 Reasons

There is a small ball of economic optimism gaining momentum in 2013.  Robinson Sewell Partners are taking advantage of this optimism by focussing on strategic and material financial outcomes for their clients.

Read more about what RSP has achieved for our clients and discover how we can assist you with all your banking requirements today.  The full article can be read below or click on the download button at the bottom of the page to view the PDF version.

100,000,000 Reasons…..

The calendar year has been launched with a mythical hint of optimism.  More so from being offered a reprieve from of the constant jolted economic shockwaves falling out of Europe and the volatility that ensues rather than bathing in the champagne of positive economic enlightenment.  Regardless, the recent enigma of stability has enabled industry and enterprise to focus on business targeted outcomes. With all the low hanging fruit already plucked for ripe reward, business management in 2013 will be a year to focus on more strategic and material financial outcomes:


Financial Restructuring.


Robinson Sewell Partners has now exceeded $100,000,000 in client restructuring / refinancing and below is another subset of case studies that demonstrates how our clients have materially benefitted from our project managed and proven procedure.



Client Position

A client owned and managed a successful transport logistics company and it was made apparent that their existing bank did not have the resources to attend to his most basic financial needs.  RSP was engaged to improve this position and provide a more efficient financial trading platform.


RSP Solution

Being a strong credit profile, the client was well received and a strategic restructure was provided and guided by a highly engaged bank manager.  Throughout the process, RSP recognised, through re-engineering of his current portfolio equipment finance via a yield curve play, that material cash flow benefits could be attained.  This strategy was presented and accepted.  A $2,000,000 restructured facility freed up well in excess of $100,000 of cash flow p.a. which was then applied to aggressively reducing non tax deductible debt.



Client Position

A private and conservative family business that had a funding requirement in excess of $55,000,000 decided to act on good corporate governance protocols to ensure they were receiving the best holistic financial offering the market could provide.  They engaged RSP to formally run the tender process on their behalf to a strategically selected panel of banks.


 RSP Solution

The client maintained a very sound credit profile with all provisions noted within the parameters of the credit framework.   This was very well received by the selected banks in the tender process.   The banks appropriately applied excessive resources into researching the client’s financial and transactional requirements and each provided a detailed response to their offering.  Throughout the course of the presentations some key value-add propositions were revealed.  The winning bank, with a renewed action plan, will now seek to implement these innovations which will have a material improvement to the client’s business and customer satisfaction rating.



 Client Position 

A rural client had lost their bank manager and was left “drifting” whilst trying to make a decision on a rural property acquisition.  RSP was engaged to get the client’s finance set whilst achieving the best outcome for the client.


 RSP Solution

RSP conducted the full credit analysis and took the business to market via a tender.  The strength of the client attracted much attention and not only was the finance approved, but a full 1.0% was reduced off their rate.  The property was purchased and with borrowings of $3,600,000 this was an annual saving of $36,000 p.a.



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